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Les Flots Bleus is a private daycare that caters to children from up to 5 years old. It consists of a wing that welcomes up to 15 infants (as old as 18 months), six separate classrooms for toddlers and pre-schoolers, and a private playground.


Located in the West Island’s Pointe-Claire Village, near the Marina and beautiful Bourgeau Park, it is surrounded by mature trees and St. Louis Lake. It features an on-site parking lot as well as a fenced private playground.


Our mission is to provide your children with high quality care and education in a nurturing, safe, happy and bilingual environment. One of our goals is to offer peace of mind to all parents that keep a busy and productive life.


Les Flots Bleus is licenced by the Ministere de la Famille and follows all government guidelines and regulations respecting daycare centers. It is privately owned, however parents are eligible for provincial and federal tax rebates/credits.






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